Songs for Games

Buried Treasure.  

The Fat Man, George Alistair Sanger, is known and celebrated worldwide as a “Legendary Game Audio Guru." 

He has been creating music and other audio for games since Thin Ice for Intellivision in 1983 which means that he may have been in that business longer than any American game composer.  


Less known up until now is this:  He writes songs continually, and is responsible for some of the first songs to appear in games (notably in Putt Putt Saves the Zoo and The 7th Guest). Partly thanks to him, songs in games are now considered a key feature for customer experience, a potential selling point for a game and a source of additional revenue.  


And on this page he has begun revealing a mess of singable goodness that they will never fit into a movie.  

You found it.  Put on your "Creative Listening" hat, close your eyes, hit "play," and ENJOY YOUR DISCOVERY!

My Nudie Suit on display in the Bob Bullock museum

George's "Gold Nugget" suit (by Nudie Cohn) was on the cover of the first-ever live country/western album

Newer Songs

2018 From Parker and Lane by Gamehouse.  Plays at a funeral scene, and it's a turning point for the plot.   

Adam Gubman makes music for Everything

From the "More Co-Writes with Adam Gubman" department

Older Favorites and Former Featured Songs

Viva la Resolution - Sanger
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Written for a Microsoft keynote at Game Developers Conference.  I wanted to influence their corporate culture--through song!

The Final Hour - Sanger
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Welcome to the Zoo - Sanger
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From The 11th Hour.  A bit of a rambling opus, but  a favorite of mine to hear--I hope you like it.

From Putt Putt Saves the Zoo.  This is the one my daughters' friends all can sing along with.

The Game - Sanger
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From The 7th Guest.  The first CD-Rom product that sold well.  So...before games really had songs.

We're working on adding a "shuffle-able" player.  And more tracks, and more info.  But we trust there's enough #SongsForGames here to bring a smile.

Buckle your seatbelt, play it in "shuffle."