"The Nudie Suit Story" or "It's Just Stuff"

(First published 2/15/98) 1. The Ugly Suit Nudie made the greatest suits in the world. He made Elvis' famous gold lame outfit, which was reputed to have cost $10,000. Nudie would add that $9,500 of that was profit. He made all of Porter Wagoner's rhinestone suits. He is credited with having invented the rhinestone shirt. He made the light-up suit for the movie "Electric Horseman." Tammy Wynette found out she was pregnant with George Jones' child when she noticed her Nudie Suit didn't fit. Nudie was, not arguably, the greatest cowboy tailor. He had come from the Old Country and made a name for himself. At his peak, he could be seen driving his huge, handcrafted, horse-trophy-bearing l

Featured Songs for June

Is it Only Me? If you're feeling a little left out or passed by, you're not alone; this song's for you ....and Steve and I are happy to announce that with this, our 5-song EP Look Who's Driving is now complete. FeaturingSuper Sweet World (Sanger-Kirk)Is it Only Me (Sanger-Kirk-Yeend)It Keeps on Raining Down (Sanger-Kirk)You Flash Before my Eyes (Sanger-Kirk)That's All You Need to Be (Sanger-Kirk)Production by Steve Kirk (Thimbleweed Park, Voodoo Vince, Farmville) In the Back of the Book (Sanger-McAllister-Larson) Imagine a movie in which the hero is drawn further into the mystery. Vocals by Kurt Larson (Information Society). Everything I Am and The List with Adam Gubman for GameHouse's D

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