In the Back of the Book--Lyrics

Imagine a movie in which the hero is drawn further into the mystery. This is the music. Kurt Larson (vocalist for Information Society) In the Back of the Book (c)2018 by George Sanger, Steve McAllister, and Kurt Larson (vocalist for Information Society) VERSE: Another picture crisp and clean I put aside my magazine But given everything I've seen I'm not buying it this time Another piece of cherry pie, I wonder what goes on inside And even that gets laid aside While I solve the bigger crime CHORUS: In the back of the book I'm looking for clues Too much too see Nothing to lose The time that it took I'll get it all back In the back of the book When I open it up It all will be there So easy to

Slip Outside the Storm--Lyrics (Extended)

For fun, below are my original unedited lyrics, before Adam fixed them. Yes, that Adam. Adam Gubman. Co-Producer of This is Me from The Greatest Showman. I get to write songs with that guy. Woah. Anyway...Parker and Lane don't like each other at first...but [slight Spoiler Alert!] ...he has a daughter he cares about and she has a father who passed. This song at the funeral brings out the love and empathy in both of them. Slip Outside the Storm (Gubman-Sanger) VERSE: Ash tray on the sofa, table cloth is torn Faded pair of blue jeans, no more to be worn Taxman comes a-callin, I won’t be there no more, When I Leave this troubled ocean...When I head in for the shore. All the years of tryin

Super Sweet World--Lyrics

By George Sanger and Steve Kirk VERSE1: If it's love you want, Baby, Say no more...there's no hunger this candy store If it's love you need, you can Come to me, but I'm telling you, it's pretty sweet. CHORUS: it's a Super sweet world the One I’m showing you, that You were born in'd best be lieve it, it's a Super sweet world, I Bet you never knew, No- Thing you need to do…………to Al-ways be in it. VERSE2: You can Work all day, you can hurt all night, you can muck it up, and it's Still allright And your Friends will stare, when they see you smile, and you'll Have to say, it's pretty sweet. CHORUS BRIDGE: I don’t have to sugarcoat it How

The Secret of Monkees Island

Some of my best buddies in the industry: Clint Bajakian, Michael Land, and Pete McConnell. They were the audio team at LucasArts. The best. "The Stooges." My brother Dave Sanger was on drums and clicked the picture. The set was awesome, and made us look like the Monkees. So we called it Monkees Island. It was the Hard Rock in Vegas. I think it was the second ever DICE show. We were the pit band. These guys went through hell to play the show, and absolutely ripped it up. It was recorded...but the audio didn't turn out. Our feature number was the Mario theme, and they almost cut it out, I think. It felt as though we had to fight the director a bit. At one point, Clint had said, "

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