"The life I love is making music with my friends."

--Willie Nelson

  The Song is The Thing.  

These are songs I believe in,

That I wrote or co-wrote with friends,

That I think you'll like,

That might be good for you to hear sometime

That could be good for your heart.

I'd love it if you'd listen to one or two, maybe every month or so, and see if they bring a little sunshine.

Let me know if you like them...and spread the word!

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That's What I'm Here For

new featured song with
matt myers

This was a really fun co-write, influenced by the Boy Bands of decades gone by, and sung by Matt himself.  

Matt's specialty is Anime-style songs, especially as theme songs for games, but my favorite MattMusic is from his own successful boy band, Leet Street Boys.

Featured EP:

Look Who's Driving:

Songs by Steve Kirk and The Fat Man

Usually, after Steve and I have a nice heart-to-heart and decide what's important in life and what we'd love to do with our music "if only we could," I work up some lyrics, sometimes a melody.  He takes it from there, and knocks it out of the park every time with intimate, intricate production, heart, and tone to make the dream real.  It's beyond gratifying for us--and I hope that joy "gets on you" as well.


Steve wrote the gorgeous music for games Thimbleweed Park and Voodoo Vince.

Featured Co-Writers

with Kurt Larson
with Adam Gubman
with Steve McAllister
Kurt Larson

Kurt is the vocalist in Information Society.  

He's a strong singer, a thought leader, and a good friend for many years.  He is a respected game audio professional and under certain circumstances qualifies as a Star Trek celebrity.   Like my favorite co-writers, he cares deeply about the truth, whatever that may be, and so we go there together to see if we can't bring something back.

adam gubman

Adam is on fire.  He co-produced the award-winning song This is Me for The Greatest Showman, among other things.  Many other things.  "I write music for everything/Family First."

Adam presents me with brilliant, clear direction for these really interesting emotional game situations and says "go."  I try to turn it around in a day or so, and he takes that inspiration of the lyrics, usually even changes a few words, and  does melodies, chords, arrangements, production, everything...wow.    A powerhouse, a complete pro, a good man, and Father of the Year.

Steve mcallister

Steve became my "co-writer of choice" in the early 2000's, when we set weekly "playdates" to create a body of work together.  It's been my joy to work with him since then, through many different beautiful, fun, interesting, and sometimes insane projects.  "We do good stuff."  

Steve nails it with somewhat stealthy and awesome projects like The George W. Bush Singers.  He co-wrote In the Back of the Book, and he's currently scoring background music for a famous and prestigious peace conference.